Privacy Policy


The Data Administrator and the Operator of the And, website (Website, Websites) is An-Kop Sp. z o.o., with its main office at: 43-190 Mikołów, ul. Wyzwolenia 26, contact by e-mail: .

The Website does not collect any information automatically, with the exception of information stored in cookies and data provided voluntarily by the Website User using the contact form.

Data provided using the contact form (name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number and other voluntary data) are used only in order to reply to the sent message and are not transferred, sold or made available to other persons and third parties.

This data is processed according to art. 6, p. 1, ch. b of GDPR (the processing in question is required to execute a contract, the affected person is a party to or to undertake actions on request of the affected person before the contract is entered into).

Unless legal regulations stipulate otherwise, the Administrator processes the provided personal data during the period required to execute tasks the data was provided for, i.e. to answer the sent inquiry and to execute any signed contracts.

The User can access, correct their personal data, request to delete or to limit the processing of the personal data and to object against the processing.

The User can make an appeal to the President of the Personal Data Protection Agency, if their data is processed contrary to GDPR regulations

 Data is provided by the User on a voluntary basis, but is required to fulfill the task the data was provided for.

The Data Administrator does not make any automated decisions, including profiling-based decisions.

The contents of the inquiry sent using the contact form is not evaluated by any IT systems. The offered price and service range are not a result of evaluation performed by any IT systems.

Privacy Policy

Cookies are IT data, text files in particular, stored on the terminal of the Website User and intended to use the Website pages. Cookies usually include the name of the website they originated from, the storage duration on the terminal and a special data element, usually a unique value.

The Website uses two basic cookie file types: session cookies and persistent cookies. The “session” cookies are temporary files stored on the terminal of the User until the logs out, leaves the Website or closes the software (Internet browser). “Persistent” cookie files are stored on the terminal of the User for a duration specified in cookie file parameters or until the User deletes such files.

The entity storing cookies on the terminal of the Website User and accessing such cookies is the Website Administrator and administrators of Affiliated Entities (without access rights to cookies of the Administrator).

The Website Administrator uses the following cookies:

– own cookies – placed by the Website Administrator in order to: adjust the contents of webpages of the Website according to User preferences, remember user preferences, control and authorise access to data of parts of the website and to optimise the use of webpages; in particular, these files allow identification of the devices of the Website User and to display the webpage tailored to individual needs of the user correctly;

– external cookies – placed by Affiliated Entities in order to:

– collect general and anonymous static data using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools analytic tools [administrator cookies: Google Inc with its main office in USA], – to enable the user to connect to the Facebook social media website using a Facebook plugin (provided by Facebook Inc.).

In many cases, the software used to browse webpages (Internet browser) enables cookies to be stored on the User terminal as a default option. Website Users may change their cookie settings at any time. In particular, such settings may be changed such that automated cookie processing is blocked in browser settings or that the User is informed each time a cookie file is placed on the terminal of the Website User.

Detailed information about options and cookie processing modes are available in software (Internet browser) settings.

The Website Operator hereby informs that limitations or exclusion of cookies may influence some functionalities available on individual sub-pages of the Website or completely prevent use of the Website.