Our business

Our company has specialised in execution of service projects, related to software for machines and production lines, as well as for robotic stations. We can implement prototype solutions according to customer instructions and suggest the adequate technology, as well as to take care of optimisation and production support. Our team is specialised in programming of controllers of many different manufacturers – such as Siemens, Beckhoff and others. HMI or SCADA systems are an inherent part of projects – and an experience we can also be proud of. In the field of robotics, project execution preparations are usually characterised by mastering standards required by the leading automobile manufacturers, such as VW/Audi/Opel/BMW/Fiat or Mercedes and related robot types (ABB/Kuka/Fanuc/Comau). We successfully implement also robotic stations according to our proprietary, developed methods of programming from scratch. In the aforementioned fields, our work is preceded by off-line software preparations, with the software being implemented in the subsequent stages at the started equipment or production lines. Each of the start-ups is subjected to an optimisation process, during which the production line or the station is subjected to stringent tests, operating parameters are selected such that quality and efficiency of the customer are met. Many returning customers are the best indicator of satisfaction with our services.

Our company

We have been active since 2011, and the experience of our team dates back to 2003. Throughout the years of various investment implementations and executions, our knowledge has incorporated a wide range of topics, and the developed working methods have been proven across the world. From prototype stations and machines to the project, start-up and optimisation of entire production lines – we are ready to act and remain at your disposal in the field of PLC control and robotics.