Our offer

Our company has specialised in execution of service projects, related to software for machines and production lines, as well as for robotic stations.


Many years of experience gained by our company resulted in a wide portfolio related to PLC controller software services for various brands:

  • Siemens
  • Beckhoff
  • Allen-Bradley
  • Omron

We are specialised in creating software from scratch, in code modifications and optimisation according to the needs of the customer. We offer full implementation and production supervision. By maintaining customer standards, we execute tasks related to full production lines and to individual stations.

Safety systems, detailed visualisations, remote operation and production supervision – the comprehensive nature of our services guarantees implementation on the highest level, executed according to the schedule. The unique quality of our services often convinced our customers – resulting in permanent and long-term cooperation in Poland and abroad.


Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System

BROSIS-Control is a tool created specifically for production and assembly equipment in order to provide clear visualisation, recording and analysis of process data.

BROSIS-Control is suitable to almost any and all types of equipment – from single stations to complex assembly equipment with integrated recording, protocolling and visualisation of all production data.


  • Product life tracing – full documentation of components, measurement data and quality test results
  • Statistical analyses of station and line errors
  • Statistical analyses of measurement and production data
  • Analyses and optimisation of cycle times
  • Order and recipe management
  • Work change planning, defining models and work lists for operators
  • Management of tools and production island refitting
  • Imaging the current status of equipment
  • Control of individual stations or of the line as a whole
  • Alarm and malfunction visualisation

Use of presented data in:

  • Process optimisation
  • Efficiency improvement
  • Downtime reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Product quality improvement
BROSIS-Control offers space for future modules and customer wishes. The graphics and statistical analyses may be tailored individually according to equipment needs and customer wishes.


Siemens – global leader in the field of industrial automation. PCS7 – the flagship product in the “Distributed Control System” control field. Many years on the market, thousands of installations worldwide, continuous software development – all these factors encourage the investors to use the PCS7 system. Additionally:
  • Fully scalable architecture
  • Integrated programming environment
  • Advanced visualisation tools
  • Reporting and batch processing systems
  • Fail-safe system control
  • Multi-level redundancy

The PCS 7 system uses proven SIEMENS components. The entire installation provided by a single manufacturer results in simple systems and reduced costs. This simply works. PCS7 – from small sites to large-scale and complex process installations. Top end solutions – now within your reach.


Robotic production lines are currently the foundation of many production processes. We strictly cooperate with the customer according to the newest standards, in order to achieve optimal results by programming robots of leading world manufacturers – KUKA, ABB, Fanuc, Comau. Our team has experience enabling successful execution of projects in the following fields:

  • Tack welding
  • MIG/MAG welding, braze welding
  • Glueing
  • Bolting
  • Manipulation, pallet stacking

We optimise robot work cycle times and expand the functionalities of stations. We offer trainings in line programming and operation. We offer production supervision.


Modern investors should consider project simulations already during the planning stage. Simulation development and analysis, both for the PLC control and for robotic cell operation, offers additional opportunities:

  • task feasibility analysis
  • robot range and motion analysis
  • thorough cycle time analysis
  • project error identification and elimination
  • process optimisation
  • accelerated final implementation of equipment in production
  • software testing

All of this even before the physical assembly of equipment begins.

We prepare simulated operation of any robotic line for you, using the Process Simulate software. We own and build our own workstations. We use proprietary testing stations (Siemens and Beckhoff). The program and its SCADA visualisation, the HMI ready even before the start-up.